Friday, 24 August 2012

bigging up ben

shirt - charity shop; dress - rokit; belt - primark (old); sandals - primark

01. So, I'm here, London. I've had a few sightseeing days lately, which is always nice - I enjoy being a tourist. I've seen all the usual places like Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Southbank etc. Oh, and if you're in London, a trip over the Jubilee Bridge to that part of southbank wouldn't go a miss; there are street entertainers, fairground rides and a whole load more for you to see!

02. I have also been to the Olympic Park. I didn't know I'd catch olympic fever quite as severley as I did, so it was lovely to go and see what the area was like. Unfortunatley, as they're getting everything ready for the Paralympic games, I couldn't go inside the actual park - but if you want to see it - go to John Lewis' top floor in Westfields, were you will be able to see the park from a high view and see a lot at that. They have a little place where you can stand and gawp at the spectacular sights of the huge stadiums - so thank you for that, Mr Lewis.

03. I've taken hundreds of photos, which I don't think would be safe to bombard them all in one post; or even three! So, I will probably make a page on my tumblr where you can see them all if you want!

04. I met Greg James on Wednesday! Greg! I'm so happy about this, I've listened to him for about a year now and I couldn't believe I went a bit speechless. He is so much taller than I thought, bearing in mind he was bending down on the pictures I got with him! If you follow me on twitter (@beckyallis0n) you'll see the picture.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

back down south

01. So, tomorrow, I shall be heading to London for a week of photography, sight-seeing and general shopping. I have a nice brand spanking new playlist on my iPod and a nice, shiny new copy of company magazine for the journey. Well, it come out at the beginning of the month, but I have been saving it for this joyest occasion.

02. My posts have been few and far between, because well I have no idea what to blog about. Do I do outfit posts? Make up posts? What? Hopefully, by the time I come back from London, I'll have some idea of what kind of posts I want to do on my blog.

03. On Friday,  I was partying and yesterday I slept due to an awful headache. I went to this party dressed as a Mexican, because it is the only way to do anything. Right?

04. I haven't got much idea of whether I will be posting when I am in London, however, I will be sure to do some posts about what I got, and maybe some photographs from while I was there will be thrown in?

05. I miss results day. I'm gutted about that, I would have liked to have found out my results with everyone else seeing as I put myself under a lot of pressure and stress to try and do well. I don't think I've done as good in science as I did the time before! I put myself under too much pressure to try and match my grade (A*) and ended up having a panic attack in the middle of the physics exam. Which of course made me even more nervous for the other 4 exams I had to sit.

06. On a lighter note, any of you who are waiting for results to come on Thursday, I wish you the absolute best of luck and I am sure you will do brilliantly! Celebrate for me, won't you?

Friday, 10 August 2012

back to school

I am a total geek. I love that feeling when you buy a new school bag, a new pack of pens and set off to school that sunny September morning. I don't know about for anyone else, but on the first day of school it is always sunny where I live. Most of the bloggers (bar two or three) are all around the seventeen age mark, so have left school and are doing look books for sixth form but, as every English high schooler, uniform is necessary. Is it just me that gets new stationary, make up and a new school bag every year and get majorly excited. I love new things. I'm actually going shopping for my school things in Manchester in the up and coming week or so, so I can't physically show you the stuff now, but I will do a haul post from Manchester so you can see all the things I buy. So for now, you lovely reader, will have to put up with the outcome from a teenage girl, let loose on shop's websites and the ability to mash stock photos together to make a collage.

school bag
obviously, there are endless styles of bags but my two favourite types are backpacks. So, here is my favourite picks I have come across. 

1. acid wash backpack with trim, topshop. 2. aztec patterned backpack, new look. 3. madison stud & skull embossed backpack, 4. ikat traveller rucksack, accessorize. 5. nylon cordura school bag, american apparel. 6. large washed clip backpack, topshop.

I love, love, love all of these backpacks. Especially number 3; it is so unique and interesting! I don't think I am daring enough to have that as my school bag though, for some reason. 10000 points if you do, I bet you look amazing with it. I am contemplating buying a similar one to it though, which can be found here. Or number 5. What is your opinion on which one I should get? I just love backpacks. I adore the preppy trend; I always have, last autumn/winter, I lived in coloured jeans, collared shirts and jumpers. I love top buttons, but with school shirts; I am not a fan of those ones. So with a backpack, I can luck preppy... without going blue in the face. 

school shoes
The new school rules say no shoes with little labels on (e.g. Vans) I had Vans last year and I am telling anyone who are thinking about getting vans for school next year (the same goes for Converse; I had leather ones in year nine) DON'T GO THERE. My vans were somewhat ruined by January, so I had to wear my creepers to school. Converse were a little better, I suppose - they didn't have big holes in the soles after four or five months. I would recommend Keds. They mightn't be the "in" thing but they lasted me the whole year in year eight, so I would say get the leather ones. They're sturdy and don't absorb every little bit of rain water. For the past two years I had been getting school shoes that my friends were getting however this year, now my style has developed into itself, I'm getting shoes I personally like. I'd say don't shop for brands, shop for yourself. Its always nice seeing someone do their own thing instead of following the crowd. I personally, quite like: 
1. jessie; lace up flat form shoe, chockers shoes. 2. micky black suede brouges, topshop. 3. mono black sued monk shoes, topshop.

Apart from the essentials, like hand sanitiser, concealer, deodorant and pens etc, there aren't any other things I need for school! I'm thinking about doing a how to organise my school work and things and tips for if you're going in to your exam years and how to revise and things! What about you, how much are you dreading school and what bag style do you like? I'm not looking forward to the work, just the shiny new things! Good grief. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

first post

The dreaded first post, eh! The one that is said to break all kinds of awkwardness, tension and such things but its only dreaded for me, by the fact I have no clue what to write about! I've all ready done all my explaining of who I am on my about me page. But yes. I'm Becky and I'm just your average teenager. I have a huge interest in fashion and photography and hope to one day be a journalist. 
I've been reading blogs for quite some time now and I have always wanted to start one up, I like the word blog in itself, let alone the fact you can do literally anything with one tiny little crumb of the internet. My crumb. I never got round to it, because I've had plenty of exams to keep me busy but seeing as it is summer, I thought, why not?! So here I am. 
So, I have just watched Usain Bolt win gold at the olympics. What have you done? 
p.s. thanks if someone is actually reading this, which I am highly doubtful that they are...