Friday, 24 August 2012

bigging up ben

shirt - charity shop; dress - rokit; belt - primark (old); sandals - primark

01. So, I'm here, London. I've had a few sightseeing days lately, which is always nice - I enjoy being a tourist. I've seen all the usual places like Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Southbank etc. Oh, and if you're in London, a trip over the Jubilee Bridge to that part of southbank wouldn't go a miss; there are street entertainers, fairground rides and a whole load more for you to see!

02. I have also been to the Olympic Park. I didn't know I'd catch olympic fever quite as severley as I did, so it was lovely to go and see what the area was like. Unfortunatley, as they're getting everything ready for the Paralympic games, I couldn't go inside the actual park - but if you want to see it - go to John Lewis' top floor in Westfields, were you will be able to see the park from a high view and see a lot at that. They have a little place where you can stand and gawp at the spectacular sights of the huge stadiums - so thank you for that, Mr Lewis.

03. I've taken hundreds of photos, which I don't think would be safe to bombard them all in one post; or even three! So, I will probably make a page on my tumblr where you can see them all if you want!

04. I met Greg James on Wednesday! Greg! I'm so happy about this, I've listened to him for about a year now and I couldn't believe I went a bit speechless. He is so much taller than I thought, bearing in mind he was bending down on the pictures I got with him! If you follow me on twitter (@beckyallis0n) you'll see the picture.

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