Thursday, 9 August 2012

first post

The dreaded first post, eh! The one that is said to break all kinds of awkwardness, tension and such things but its only dreaded for me, by the fact I have no clue what to write about! I've all ready done all my explaining of who I am on my about me page. But yes. I'm Becky and I'm just your average teenager. I have a huge interest in fashion and photography and hope to one day be a journalist. 
I've been reading blogs for quite some time now and I have always wanted to start one up, I like the word blog in itself, let alone the fact you can do literally anything with one tiny little crumb of the internet. My crumb. I never got round to it, because I've had plenty of exams to keep me busy but seeing as it is summer, I thought, why not?! So here I am. 
So, I have just watched Usain Bolt win gold at the olympics. What have you done? 
p.s. thanks if someone is actually reading this, which I am highly doubtful that they are...


  1. I adore your blogs layout, its so pretty!
    I am addicted to Company magazine, and although I read quite a lot of other magazines, I only store my Company ones on show in my room as all the pretty coloured binding are so cute!

    1. Thank you! and me too! They're so nice just stacked up! Plus, I literally love everything in the magazine! :}